Tilt #9 Marketing With No Deception and No Discounts with Dr Chad Woolner and ChiroFunnel Secrets

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Here is what I cover in this episode, why you need to listen- and how you will benefit.

Dr Chad Woolner from Chirofunnel Secrets recalls how early in practice he joined a large coaching organization but found it to be mostly irrelevant as it created many awkward conversations and was just inauthentic.

One blessing that came from four years of pain and constantly being on the verge of bankruptcy is that it forced him to innovate and try new things.

Dr Woolner credits Dr. Scott Fletcher for teaching him what he considers to be a “million dollar phrase” and helped completely transform his practice.

Dr Chad reveals what he believes to be the #1 thing patients fear the most and how to address that fear.

Why discounting services makes new patient acquisition more difficult despite the initial appearance of being a “gold-mine” when marketing online and offline.

The number one goal of a chiropractor is to build a following – this is the underpinning of how Dr Woolner created Chirofunnel Secrets.

Awesome People and Other Resources I Mentioned

Chirofunnel Secrets
Dr Scott Fletcher
Russel Brunson and DotCom Secrets

Thanks for listening everyone!

– Dr Paul Groulx

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