TILT #11 Chris Burfield Dishes on What’s Working on Facebook Right Now

TILT #11  Chris Burfield Dishes on What’s Working on Facebook Right Now

Here is what I cover in this episode, why you need to listen- and how you will benefit.

Chris is quick to tell you that he is not a Chiropractor…but he understands Chiropractic better than a lot of us.

Twenty years….that’s how long he has been helping Chiropractors spread the message, grow their practice and….make more dough.  🙂  He’s passionate, he’s raw, a man’s man and hard not to like. Super glad to have him on the show.

I invited him because out of all the other marketers peddling their wares to us – he is the ONLY one who shares in my frustration and sees the DIS-service we do to ourselves when we market ourselves the way most of us do.  Like DOUCHE-BAGS.

He thinks like me…and that makes him a GENIUS!  🙂

Listen in – while I extract a useable campaign from him –  that he details right here on the show. Listen, learn, profit.  Or not…and miss out.

BONUS CONTENT:  Chris recorded this video to teach you what is a VERY powerful way to engage with your audience on Facebook.  The early adopters will implement this right away and benefit…HUGE.  

Find and connect with Chris >>> HERE.

Thanks for listening everyone!  I know there are a lot of choices these days in Podcast-land…I appreciate that you tune in.

– Dr Paul Groulx

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