#34 How to ELIMINATE New Patient No-Shows

In this miniCAST – I am talking about the one method I have instituted across the board that has all but eliminated new patients booking an appointment to just…not show up.

It is a waste of energy because it’s demoralizing.  A waste of time and a waste of revenue.

BONUS CONTENT:  I recorded a call with a prospect who entered his name, email and phone number in a form from a Facebook Ad.  I called him immediately (as I always do) to build a little rapport, book the appointment and take a deposit.

In this particular case,He was intending to book an appointment for two weeks into the future.Remember that adding time to the sales cycle kills deals. Listen in to hear how I turned that around and got him booked for the next day.

Listen in on Dr G's Phone Call with a Prospective New Patient.

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