TILT #5 How a Facebook Video-Ad Attracted 21 New Patients…Without a Cheesy Offer

TILT #5  How a Facebook Video-Ad Attracted 21 New Patients…Without a Cheesy Offer

DOWNLOAD my formula for creating a winning video-ad AND a video tutorial that shows how I set up the ad on Facebook.

Here is what I cover in this episode, why you need to listen- and how you will benefit.

  • The simple in-office procedure you can implement TODAY that will help you gather the intel needed to make killer new patient getting videos.
  • Two reasons “Shares” are the most important engagement you can get for your Facebook content.
  • Not one of the new patients saw the _____________ in the video.
  • What the “Chiropractic douche-bag offer” is and how it hurts you.
  • What your prospects may find more powerful than inducement.

Also:  A recent mentoring client was crestfallen after 42 new patients said no.  It turns out her in-office procedures were pretty good but it was the quality of her new patients that was poor.  Hear the effect it had on her and her team.

  • The new currency in marketing today is __________.  The way you develop this is through ____________ and _____________.
  • Proof that a “holistic” approach is ESSENTIAL when marketing online.
  • What your most important online asset is BAR-NONE.  (HINT:  it isn’t your website).
  • The first FOUR conversions you need to WIN with a video-ad…before your prospect even calls you.


Thanks for listening everyone!

– Dr Paul Groulx

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Download my Winning Video Formula and Facebook Video Tutorial.

Never "wing-it" with another video again.

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  • Another great podcast, glad I found it on the Tank…Need to start facebook marketing.
    Made many videos and video testimonials, obviously nobody is watching or sharing .
    Need to tweak that.

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