TILT #6 with Dr. Dan Bai | Why a Tech-Ca Will Never do Another Consultation for Me

TILT #6 with Dr. Dan Bai | Why a Tech-Ca Will Never do Another Consultation for Me.

Here is what I cover in this episode, why you need to listen- and how you will benefit.

Using a Tech Ca to do your pre-consultation and consultation is widely taught to be time and money saving.  Learn why this is a MYTH and doing that actually costs you time and money…big time.

Dr Dan Bai’s Next Master Class is May 5-6, 2017.  It’s amazing.  Check it out

BONUS CONTENT:  Dan and Paul role play several patient types and Dan demonstrates how he would build rapport with them.  Great stuff. Audio File.

The educated consumer is not always someone who is ready to buy.  A buyer needs both a logical and an emotional reason to buy.  Listen-in to learn how to make this happen predictably and ETHICALLY.

The importance of rapport and why it is the key to unlocking a deeper connection to you as their “problem solver”.

3 Steps to gain rapport.  Every. Single. Time.

How to handle a patient who denies any kind of trauma, no car accidents, no slips and falls, no sports injuries.  Clinically it is obvious that the dysfunction goes well beyond the stated “2-3 weeks”

What “time-lining” means and how it helps uncover hidden sources of trauma – plus some great examples of how to do it.

The key to an easy Report of Findings is ___________.

What the “Echo Move” is and why you have to learn it.

The 3 questions that allow a patient reveal their deeper desire.

Awesome People and Other Resources I Mentioned

Dr Dan Bai – Close For Chiro

Thanks for listening everyone!

– Dr Paul Groulx

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Bonus Training: Rapport Building with Dr. Dan Bai

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