Fill Your Practice with NEW Patients…without giving it away for free and looking desperate.

I decided I wasn’t done….this is PART 2.

BONUS CONTENT:  This video tutorial is part of my “Secret Sauce”.  After a successful “value-add” video has been running and has enjoyed engagement in the form of “likes” “shares” and comments – these Facebook users have clearly indicated that they are interested in your content. Market to them!  This video tutorial will show you how to create that custom audience ( and you will get a peak into the back-end of my Facebook ads account).

Here is what I cover in this episode, why you need to listen- and how you will benefit.

  • What is the “Mere-Exposure Effect” and why this will always have a better ROI than a pure transactional direct response style online sales.  The vast majority of Chiropractors use the latter.
  • How direct response CAN wreck your reputation rob you of ever having any long term success on social media.
  • Learn my “Secret Sauce” and how I use the “Mere Exposure Effect”

Awesome People and Other Resources I Mentioned

The Close for Chiro training video with 49+ minutes of solid content that can totally transform your D1, D2.

Thanks for listening everyone!

– Dr Paul Groulx

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