Fill Your Practice with NEW Patients…without giving it away for free and looking desperate.

I decided I wasn’t done….this is PART 2.

BONUS CONTENT:  This video tutorial is part of my “Secret Sauce”.  After a successful “value-add” video has been running and has enjoyed engagement in the form of “likes” “shares” and comments – these Facebook users have clearly indicated that they are interested in your content. Market to them!  This video tutorial will show you how to create that custom audience ( and you will get a peak into the back-end of my Facebook ads account).

Here is what I cover in this episode, why you need to listen- and how you will benefit.

  • What is the “Mere-Exposure Effect” and why this will always have a better ROI than a pure transactional direct response style online sales.  The vast majority of Chiropractors use the latter.
  • How direct response CAN wreck your reputation rob you of ever having any long term success on social media.
  • Learn my “Secret Sauce” and how I use the “Mere Exposure Effect”

Awesome People and Other Resources I Mentioned

The Close for Chiro training video with 49+ minutes of solid content that can totally transform your D1, D2.

Thanks for listening everyone!

– Dr Paul Groulx

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  • Thanks so much for this episode and for sharing the Close For Chiros video! Awesome stuff. I’ve done CLA’s program, which is fantastic, but this D1, D2 makes so much sense to just start implementing and feels natural without overthinking like you’re following a script and trying to remember to hit all the points in a long acronym.

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