TILT #2 – 5 Metrics You Gotta Know – To Make Your Chiropractic Practice Grow in 2016 and Beyond

DOWNLOAD the polished version of my most common care plan for the first phase of care.  This is the actual worksheet I use to present financials to patients in my practice.  It comes with a built-in VAD calculator to make sure the plans make financial sense. DOWNLOAD it HERE

TILT Talks ™ = “Things I Learned Today”.  A new take on the DC On Fire experience.
I stepped away from DC On Fire for almost a year because I took my eye off the proverbial “ball”.  The “ball” being my practice. It didn’t take long before my practice began to slide.

DC On Fire has a new focus – sharing the journey of what I am doing to restore my practice to a level of profitability, fulfillment and service that I believe it can be…and you guys get to watch.

This episode is about MONEY.

“Five Metrics You’ve Gotta Know To Make Your Practice Grow”…


Here’s what I cover and why you need to listen.

I reveal the 4 practice metrics I used to review quarterly – then I got busy, fat and lazy…stopped reviewing and watched my Chiropractic practice numbers slowly decline.
Recently I included a new metric I had never considered – and it was an eye opener.
Which of the five metrics is the most important and why.
The overlooked pitfall in using the wrong data from your office management software.

Resources Mentioned on the Show

The worksheet I use to calculate my published Income Reports.  It isn’t fancy – I created it for me to use and calculate the ratios I publish on the Income Reports page. I locked the cells but if you want to mess around with the equations for your own use – go ahead!  The locked cells are not password protected.

Not sure how to unlock?  It’s a bit different from a Mac to a PC so the best thing to do is just Google it:  “Unlock cells excel” or “Unprotect worksheet excel”

Direct Download [No optin required] Get Your Income Report Worksheet HERE.

Thanks for listening,

– Dr Paul Groulx

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To get the very first Income Report for MY practice using these exact principles click HERE.

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  • Alex K

    Thank you for this podcast! Key performance metrics are critical for a good DC practice.

    My brother-in-law is a DC and we always discuss new ideas how to improve his DC business. Right now I’m working on new IT tools to help him with his practice (that could be used by other DCs). I will draft a free metrics PDF based on this podcast and we’ll tune it up over time.

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