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Dr Paul Groulx

I’ve changed gears.

DC On Fire started as as podcast where I interviewed successful Chiropractors and had them tell their story of how they got their start – struggling like the rest of us and eventually made their way to a great and successful Chiropractic practice.


The whole idea was to encourage “the rest of us” who sometimes look at the successful docs and wonder if they have something “special”.  Something that made it easier for them – until I realized that they do indeed have something “special” and so do I.

And so do you

It took me all of 14 episodes to realize that we all have more in common in our humanity, than we are different.

In short – the greatest “gift” – the greatest something “special” that successful Chiropractors have more that those who struggle….is a willingness to confront the fears we all have and execute plans and strategies despite those fears.

They are willing to do the things that others aren’t (read that again).

In the midst of creating these podcast episodes, something amazing happened.

I got distracted and lazy with my practice.

The result made me realize a very important lesson. It doesn’t matter how successful you are – if you take your eye off the proverbial ball, your practice will decline. Getting to the volume that you consider successful doesn’t mean you will stay there.  A Chiropractic practice is like any other business.

It needs constant love and attention.

Enter phase 2 of DC On Fire:  the journey back to a profitable and successful practice… aired out like dirty laundry for all to see.  The good, bad and ugly.  (Hopefully not too much bad and ugly)

Consider me the “Crash-Test-Dummy” of (re)building a practice.  And I will share it all with you; including my income reports.

I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.  If you ever have a question you would like answered on the show – check out the “Ask Dr G” feature HERE.

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